Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yesterday was Saturday, October 30, 2010....

... right? So, why the trick-or-treating last night?? Today is Halloween, October 31, right?? So, I was on call last night and the doc I was getting sign-out from says she has to rush home to take her kids trick-or-treating ... she says that it only happens from 6pm to 8pm- so, we hurry... no problem... Then I think, huh? Isn't Halloween tomorrow night? And why do the kids have only 2 hours?
So I finally ask someone this...."This is the Bible Belt," the nurse says. So I have to ask, " What about tomorrow night, Halloween? And how do people know about this schedule change- was there some sort of announcement?" "They annouce it on the news. They change to Saturday night whenever Halloween lands on Sunday...." she says. Uhhh... ok. This state is nutso. They just make up their own rules- what about people like me who don't watch the news? Frantic text to dog sitter- "Candy for treaters is above microwave in basket. Beware of ding dong of door bell- big dog will freak and little dog will dart."

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