Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's not Saturday, is it?

Every Saturday at noon, the tornado siren goes off like a practice fire drill.... but it went off today. Today is Tuesday. So, I turned on the news. The weather guy keeps saying that, "The tornado storm is now at blah blah blah county... In 2 minutes, it'll be right here at the corner of la-la-la. Get out of its way, Get out of its way. Just get out of the way."
Ok... how do you get out of the way of a tornado? Shouldn't they tell us that too? You know, for us first-timers? Should we drive away from it? Or hide from
it? I've chosen the latter. We have been in the bathroom for the last few hours. I have Little dog firmly straped in so that we will hopefully whirl away together. I wish I had a bullet proof jacket. I heard things fly around in a tornado, sharp things.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What's up, Doc

The dogs get one bone each every morning before I leave for work. It's raw hide bone with chicken jerky wrapped around it- it's a good bone. Big dog usually devours her bone pretty quickly. Little dog carries his bone around the house like a carrot for most of the day to keep it from Big dog. Sometimes, he has it sticking straight out of his mouth from one end, like a really fat ciggy or a cigar.

Our doggie nanny is moving to Denver in July. When she told me, wave of crazy and panic overtook me- Who will walk my dogs? How will they survive all day? They need to pee! Should I send them back to California where someone can take care of them?

Then, I thought, if they are gone, who will I talk to when I come home? Myself? That is crazy.... All I really do here is work and hang out with my dogs. If they are gone, then all I will have here is my work. This will make for a super boring blog. You guys don't want to hear about my work. Do you?

Anyway, I'm a single doggie mom- I will figure this out.


Rain coats came out for the thunderstorms in OKC yesterday.
Little dog never really grew into his coat... didn't matter since he wouldn't go out into the rain anyway.
Big dog sorta grew out of her rain coat but she went outside anyway. (You can't see, but the velcro is holding on for dear life underneath that belly.)