Saturday, May 21, 2011

What's up, Doc

The dogs get one bone each every morning before I leave for work. It's raw hide bone with chicken jerky wrapped around it- it's a good bone. Big dog usually devours her bone pretty quickly. Little dog carries his bone around the house like a carrot for most of the day to keep it from Big dog. Sometimes, he has it sticking straight out of his mouth from one end, like a really fat ciggy or a cigar.

Our doggie nanny is moving to Denver in July. When she told me, wave of crazy and panic overtook me- Who will walk my dogs? How will they survive all day? They need to pee! Should I send them back to California where someone can take care of them?

Then, I thought, if they are gone, who will I talk to when I come home? Myself? That is crazy.... All I really do here is work and hang out with my dogs. If they are gone, then all I will have here is my work. This will make for a super boring blog. You guys don't want to hear about my work. Do you?

Anyway, I'm a single doggie mom- I will figure this out.

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