Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's not Saturday, is it?

Every Saturday at noon, the tornado siren goes off like a practice fire drill.... but it went off today. Today is Tuesday. So, I turned on the news. The weather guy keeps saying that, "The tornado storm is now at blah blah blah county... In 2 minutes, it'll be right here at the corner of la-la-la. Get out of its way, Get out of its way. Just get out of the way."
Ok... how do you get out of the way of a tornado? Shouldn't they tell us that too? You know, for us first-timers? Should we drive away from it? Or hide from
it? I've chosen the latter. We have been in the bathroom for the last few hours. I have Little dog firmly straped in so that we will hopefully whirl away together. I wish I had a bullet proof jacket. I heard things fly around in a tornado, sharp things.

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