Sunday, January 30, 2011

Like a good neighbor...

Found this note taped to me door when I came home from work last week.

"Bitter cold weather. Let your water faucets drip inside the house to prevent pipe freeze. Neighbor, H."

Initial reaction (in my head): Soooo nice, thank you so much! I will do that right now. I should bake him a cake or something??? I don't bake- it will taste like mold, likely. I will buy him baked goods? What do people like here? I already gave him cookies at Christmas- for always bringing in my trash bins for me.

Subsequent reaction (out loud to big and little dogs): Pipes freezes?!? What the...? How cold is it going to get? Sweet sally- I start turning on all the faucets and shower heads (wanna be on the safe side) in the house.

What else needs to be done- gather nuts for the winter? Dog food- check.... but I've got no food in the fridge except coffee- not good. Keep emergency water supplies? Will send dog walker to Target for emergency supplies (water) and order 6 boxes of KIND bars... I could probably survive on that for while. "Get some rock salt..... or bag of cat litter.... to melt the ice on your driveway, and just keep it in your car so that it stays weighed down." Wha?? Don't cars weigh, like... a lot??

For all the planning- it was 75 degrees this weekend. Oh, wait- will snow tomorrow. This place sure keeps you on your toes.

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