Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day #4: Update

Dogs start barking wildly, yes my lazy dogs.... What, guys? Someone is in the driveway....My super nice Neighbor is shoveling my driveway for me! I can't even believe it.... I run outside with a thermus of green tea and handful of Kind bars- I don't know what else to do, so nice! He says something like, "I thought you might try to just drive over all this snow (yes, that was exactly my plan...) but that'll just create a pack of ice underneath (oh whoops).... So, I'm gonna need to get this off for you (oh, my hero)."

I think, maybe I can go into the office for the afternoon? Then, like an SNL skit, dead ahead of us about 1/8 mile of my house, Neighbor says, "oh look- another accident." Another?? "Yeah, there have been a quite a few on this road." This- the road that I need to take to get to the Expressway to get to the office. I'm back inside the house.

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