Saturday, February 12, 2011

Going through some clutter in my home office.. came across this list in between pages of notes I took at a conference about 2 years ago. I think it was about a website idea.. ?? I'm not sure because I'm really much of a doodler of random thinker, I normally pay attention in lectures... and why did I think I had time to create a website??
so I was either really bored, or really frustrated/__ fill in the blank... let me take you through the list.

  • sleeping in pee (when would this ever be an issue?)
  • stepping in dog poo, especially other dogs' poo (I must have stepped in poo sometime that week, such a drag to wash off- and for some reason, poo from someone you don't know and love- dog or otherwise- makes the ick factor infinitely worse)
  • drama queen with no entertainment value (don't know what happened here b/c I consider the usual DQ variety HEE-Larious)
  • saddlebags (mine, other people's don't bother me- makes it hard to wear pants, skirts, and all other clothes... and also be naked, if necessary)
  • Pinkberry (secretly love it, but mad that I didn't think of it first)
  • Taryn Rose (faker who fake makes ugly shoes- also wish I thought of it first)
  • toilet water on butt (this is a given- toilet must have flushed on my butt that day)
  • inferiority complex and audience who plays into it (???)
These are more like "dislikes". There isn't really anything to hate, except really bad things like hate crimes- I do hate those, but doesn't everybody?

I wonder what other people dislike... maybe that's why I thought of the site. But what a tragic thing to come together for... hate. That was a terrible idea!

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