Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow up and down

I know you can't tell from this photo, but it's snowing. So, not only is the snow on the ground NOT melting, but more snow is coming from the sky! Man alive... They kept saying, "Oh- it rarely snows here, only some seasons... it's the ice you have to worry about, really... and on those days, you just stay home...." What is happening here? Snow is my deal-breaker. Snow and rain. Snow should be on mountains where you can drive to it and board on it, then leave it...
So, I ask my super sweet boss yesterday what to do about all the snow on my driveway- Do you think I can just drive over that? I have a capable car... Should I sprinkle that stuff over the snow to help it melt, then drive over it?? She kinda goes... uhh.. (something like), You really should shovel the snow down a bit then put the salt on/ drive over it....(I kinda stopped listening after she said shovel...) I tell her I didn't even think to get a shovel. She says, well, no problem- just use something to move some of the snow out of the way, like a bucket (I feel so dumb- I don't think I have a bucket, but I can't tell her this because she is so nice to me and never talks to me like I'm dumb). OMG. I panic- like a piece of wood? I will have to find one. My hands? I am going to die of being too cold. It's like 2 degrees today (ok- it's 24, but it feels like 2). I decide to stay home.
Then I see that the mail man finally came! Yay! I feel guilty. Poor mailman.

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