Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Super Target!

This is where I spend a good deal of time these days. This place has EVERYthing.... I could not believe my eyes. I got lost the first time I went in. This photo was taken on a Friday night, because that's the kind of crazy thing I do on Fridays! Go to S-Target and get a watermelon... AND a shower caddy. They have a humongous dispenser of cart wipes and alcohol hand sanitizer right when you walk in (it's by the area where you can weight your mail and send packages- uh huh!)... I have never seen anyone else use it. I consider it my personal stash of wipes. I wipe the cart, my tote, sometimes my clogs.... then I go! S-Target understands me.

My best S-Target trip to-date was when the cashier told me that he was "astounded that you speak perfect English!" I thanked God that I did because it's really the only language that I know well.... Then I thought, I am astounding here! Really, I can die now- what else is there for me to be?? So, every chance I get, I try to speak very loudly in public so that people can witness my perfect English. I looove to astound people.


  1. OOhh that place sounds magical! I hate all the Targets around here. They run out of all the good stuff before I can get to it! Not so super. And no wipes at the entrance either.

  2. what do you need from my SuperTarget? I'll bring it to LA. I will basically be bringing an empty suitcase each time I come to LA, so that I can fill it with things from Costco and Trader Joe's.