Monday, August 16, 2010

my socks

The dogs love to play with my socks. Not really "play"- steal (like Houdini- socks are in the closet so I have no idea how they get them), then carry them around all day.... even hide them from me... eventually they get tired of them, then my socks end up all over the house.

I hired a dog walker after meeting with her for about 30 minutes.....(I'll never admit out loud how desperate I was). She came over to meet the babies- they liked her. So, I handed her my house keys- and handed her my dogs the next day.... basically, I handed her my life. I cried at the thought that someone else would be walking them, that they would be following someone else..... I hoped she wasn't a single white female, you know... girls can be crazy. When I came home from work on the day of their first walk, I noticed that the 5 or so pairs of socks that used to be scattered across the living room were now gathered in a little pile. Who would have done that? Big dog? Little dog? I think I got a nice one.

1 comment:

  1. Tegie does the same thing! Loves our socks and sometimes if she wants some attention, will take one and scamper off...