Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mark it!

The utility company came by last weekend to mark up the backyard so the plumber would know where not to dig up the electrical lines (danger!). Little dog extra-marked the areas....

The gardener didn't show up that morning to mow the lawn, but I guess it really didn't matter since it was gonna be all dug up anyway. This is kinda been a theme here- sometimes people just don't show up for things...???

So, the sewage situation in the house turned the showers and toilets into mini active volcanoes a few days later. If we bothered them too much, they would get angry and erupt poop and other stuff... but we never knew when it would happen, or where it would splash... keeping us sharp! like ninjas! as all Asians should be!

When it started happening with every flush, I finally decided that we should go somewhere with functional plumbing.. after all, this really isn't Greece. (I am now immune to sewage smells.) So, we are staying in downtown Oklahoma City in a furnished apartment. It's been 5 days, and we are moving back home today!

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