Friday, August 20, 2010

Sewage Backing Up

Last week, this brown stuff came bubbling UP and OUT of the shower drain like there was a poltergeist living under this old house. I was standing and saw it out of the corner of my eye. Doesn't smell great. It was in the house for 5 days until the land lord sent a plumber.. He doesn't work weekends.... The thing is- this house was custom built by a lady in the 60's who lived alone in Oklahoma who was a judge or something... so a smart lady. She built this really strange-looking but sturdy bathroom with brick walls in the center of the house. I think the idea was to use the bathroom as the "safe room" for when tornadoes try to tear your house down. (I've learned you're supposed to go to the center of the house, or basement, or "safe room" that is made of cement or what ever thing that won't blow away....) So, this brown stuff was in the center of the house for 5 days. I know there was poo in there because little dog kept trying to sniff it... I know, yukky....


  1. Ewww....sorry to hear about that!!! I KNOW how much that would bother me and how much it must bother you. Tell me it's all gone now! Miss you so much! Will I see you soon?

  2. I wish I could tell you it's all gone, but plumbers and city utility people are still trying to "figure out the situation". You see, I've entered a time-warp where almost everything moves in slo-mo, like it's covered in molasses.... everything except for OK driving.... People are kinda in a rush in the car and love love love to tail other cars. Then, they get very surprised when they rear-end someone. It's pretty much a daily occurence. Driving to work is like playing Frogger- dodging one tailgater after another. I'm winning so far, but I was never really good at that game....