Monday, August 30, 2010

It Said "Transmission Faulted"

This car was supposed to be moved to OKC by a moving company. They never showed up so here we are in New Mexico.

Okies love their American trucks, but not many Rovers in town. Someone pointed to my car when I went to the Farmer's Market and said, "You're the one who moved onto Harding. You're the medical student, right?" Kinda,.... that's right.

The car pooped out on our way to the airport, so it's at the dealer right now. Basically, the engine failed to start, and the gears wouldn't switch. So, we cruised the car to Bob Moore Land Rover which is really one door in SuperTarget-of-auto-dealerships. The one service agent that takes care of the Rovers asked me, "Did you turn the engine off and start it again? That usually takes care of the problem." Uh.... So, he started the car and he says, "Yeah, the engine just shut off (then he just looked at me)". Ummm, yeah... so, can I leave the car to be serviced?? I am living on earth? or where I am? I am speaking perfect English, remember?

We agree that the car needs to be fixed. So, I tell him that we are trying to catch a flight so I ask about a loaner/rental car (standard since the Range is under warranty). He refuses since it'll just be "sitting at the airport all weekend." Sitting at my house or sitting at the airport- I didn't see the difference... but I see that we are not speaking the same English at this point. My mom asks him to call us a cab. He says, "A cab won't come for at least 40 minutes." Ok, then.... and he leaves us on the curb outside the service area. So, I call my dog sitter...

I'll be back in OKC tonight. The car will still be at the dealer for at least one more day. I need to the pick up a rental car in the morning. I may need to bring someone to help translate English to English.....

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